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Friday, October 29, 2010

Settling in for the task at hand

I have already been in the USA for nearly 3 weeks.  Hard to believe isn’t it.  I have a list of tasks that need to be done while I am here, visiting with my mother in Michigan was at the top of the list, and is now complete and marked off.

DSC_7062 I enjoyed Michigan immensely, not only the fall colors but the routine that my sister maintains.  She is super organized which is a contrast from me, at least when it comes to housework and all.  I  really have become spoiled in Brasil.  Maybe not SAM_2941just in Brasil but during my 18 years with Camillo.  I very much do as I please, and because Camillo is a super-man about keeping his own things picked up, I really don’t have to be doing the constant picking-up, washing-up and sweeping-up thing.  (To say nothing of the maid that comes once a week)  I just do what pleases me, when it pleases me.  Yes, this is definitely spoiled.  Anyhow, my older sister puts 3 meals a day on the table and is constantly making sure that everyone has what they need.  For example, a dish of ice cream before bed.  Which, of course, means that she washes up the dishes afterward…. definitely not spoiled.  I did try to help but you have to move fast to get to things before she’s on the move again.  Bottom line though, I really enjoyed my visit in her home and seeing how mom is thriving in this setting.  (Mom doesn’t like her picture taken but I did it anyway…. )

SAM_2866On to my list.  I will start next week going into the office – mainly checking in and then going back to Pat’s to work online a few hours each day.  I need to get my usual battery of doctor appointments done.  New glasses are very close to the top of the list.  Also this year is the 3rd year – time for bone a density test, and the annual mammogram – all of this is expensive (self pay) and time consuming.  And not more important but definitely more fun, I am looking for a townhome to buy.  I want to get some money out of the stock market funds and into real property – and a bit more rental income.  I find that I am very risk intolerant – which is probably more about my basic pragmatic personality than about age.  Camillo being MUCH older, has much more tolerance with the wild fluctuations of the past two years and he is a total optimist.   So decided that I will be cashing out my 401K and buying a townhouse. 

After two days looking with my favorite realtor, Charlotte White, after two great lunches of Hamburgers and fries at our favorite place, I think I have found one that I will make an offer for.  I have one other rental property and over the years had two others that I bought, fixed up and sold.  My primary criteria is a place where I would be comfortable living.  A place that I like the floor plan and with a small amount of cash can upgrade it in a way that I would like…..   got to go – going to Sweet Tomatoes for a super salad.


  1. Oh how I would like to return to Michigan for a fall viewing. I grew up in Mt. Clemens and my brother and his family currently live Tawas - in the middle of nowhere...

    I get the low risk tollerance thing.

    Good luck.

  2. I think living with someone who is organized is a gift. Neither Shaune or I are particularly organized so that we are constantly cleaning. I am risk averse as well. Whenever someone suggests going to a casino, all I can picture are all the hours I worked to earn that money that could be gone within a few seconds.

  3. Life sounds good Ginger.
    I've enjoyed doing my own thing while I've been off; but back to work soon lol

  4. Yes, we must take pictures of those we love whether they like it or not. I have to stalk my wife like a wild animal trying to hope the click of the camera doesn't alert her to another stolen image. And I am glad you are spoiled. Three cheers for Camillo! Good luck with the real estate. I'm the opposite regarding risk and plan to put more into stocks after retirement -- which I think is looming soon.