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Monday, April 05, 2010

To walk with alligators

Last week feeling bored and lonely, yes in Houston and feeling lonely, I decided to drive out to the Brazos Bend State Park. I’d been there before with Louisa and the grandkids – jeez – maybe ten years ago and I remembered it to be a great place to walk …. I don’t know if my memory was slipping or whether the State has done a lot of work on the park but… well I walked that day, then was so pleased I returned the next day to do another trail and if not distracted this week will go again. Their map shows 11 official trails, picnic areas, camping, fishing docks, horseback riding trails and bike trails. On these trails I was able to amble, stop and take photos, talk with other hikers and just stand and gaze. I will not be able to show you all the photos – never can show you all – but I will see if over the next two day I can share this great south Texas place where you can walk the alligators ….. did I mention the signs that said - “do not feed the alligatorsif you come across one on the trail please yield as they cross the trailstay at least 30 feet away from the alligators” In the brochure says that during mating season (now?) the males can become aggressive including towards humans (?), when there are young the female will be very ‘protective’ – if you see young alligators assume there is a mother close by …… Okay I was alone and a little apprehensive but first day did not see any alligators – you know this only means I didn’t see one…..
First Day – Creekfield lake trail - recovering wetland area

1 comment:

  1. Give way to alligators; love that lol
    That looks a dream of a place to wander Ginger. Great pictures