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Monday, October 06, 2008

first day home -

I arrived in Houston on Friday morning - 5:20am) but really didn't get into 'I am at home mode' until Saturday morning. Patty (my daughter) and I got up at 6:30 to take Marissa to her school to catch the team bus and then we drove into northwest Houston to watch her volley ball (Volie) tournament. This is her first year on a team (7Th grade) and from what I could see really enjoying it. The girls played 4 games!. Unlike most of the teams they played, there were only 7 of them so no rotations out to rest.

My favorite and as far as I am concerned the best player is number 44 - in the very least she is the most beautiful.... (she did not pay me to write this - it is truly how I feel.) All the players improved their serves before our very eyes. As a team they have some work to do on understanding that while the ball is in play you keep trying to hit it back across the net - there were a few 'where did it go?" expressions and boy did we all (the parents watching) have fun with that. By the way they won 1, lost 1, and tied 2 - came in 3rd out of five teams - I would say that was excellent for a first season.

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