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Saturday, May 10, 2008

old journal entries

I have been having such a hard time getting photos to upload on the blog - I do not have the patients for things that don't work right - so I try and try - then turn off the computer - then try and try -- I don't know what is causing the problem.
Last week, I spent the week in Friburgo by myself. After five years here it would seem that I could have spent the week in peace with myself and my environment - but I suspect that last week was just as hard as the times when I staayed up at the house alone when I first arrived in Brasil. I get all depressed then can't seem to get myself to do what I WANT TO DO - does this make any sense?
Journal entry - June 5, 2003 - The dogs in the valley are barking again - there is one high and on the other side of the hill that has a deep loud bark - I get a kick that they bark every time someone goes by - on foot - which is everyone - all 25 or so that live over on that hill - seems like they (the dogs) would learn the sound of the footsteps and the voices of their neighbors - Maybe they just can't stand the silence and because they are locked behind high walls - they have to give verbal territory markers.

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