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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Prescott, Arizona - history preserved

From ice on the car every morning to a walk in the clear, bright sunlight of the desert this area in northwest Arizona is a delight in contrasts. The Sharlot Hall Historical Museum celebrating the time when Arizona was a territory, showing a mix of how the pioneer and the native Americans lived - very often not in harmony. The Rose, a modern resturant set in a house from the late 1800s with its excellent wine list, serving roasted lamb and homemade vanilia bean ice cream with carmel sauce that brought a look of utter delight to my mother's face, the Apple Pan, a cute and cozy hambergur joint full of colorful locals and friendly service. Historic buildings, many on the national register and the starkly beautiful landscapes with fishing, kayaking and hiking, is enough contrast for all the family to enjoy.
I am back in Houston but for many reasons I will remember this time in Prescott with my mother for a very long time. GingerV

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun! Sure is pretty country in the region of Arizona. Worked with a guy in Vietnam from Prescott. Last time I went through was in 1996 or so. Visited Sedona and Cottonwood as well then up to Oak Creek Canyon.

    I assume it has changed much from your childhood days.

    I'm jealous! :-)