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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Travel in Spain - Part II

I will back track a bit so that you can see some photos from our morning walk yesterday morning. This trip we are staying in an rented apartment instead of a Hotel. So far we like this option very much. Our rooms are on the backside of the building with no view, but is very quiet with not noise from the street. So quiet that we almost slept through the pre-arranged meeting the morning before going on the wine tasting tour, but I don't intend to tell you that story now.
Now is the streets of Madrid.  The architecture, in the buildings surrounding the square were we are staying in the old town center, is in the French design - five stories with symmetrical fronts, and wrought iron balconies. The street and the buildings are clean and meticulously kept.
The opera house is of a simple design compared to many opera houses. The Royal palace which is across a formal garden from the Opera house is of pure white marble with a backdrop of red roofed buildings and at a distance a faded view of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
The church that sets beside the Royal palace - as we found out after paying to visit its cupola - is just 14 years old. It opened 14 years ago after 114 years in construction.  The interior and its stained glass windows are distinctly modern in design. Not a disappointment by any means with its basic basilica design, just not the traditional church of Europe that we are familiar with. The view of Madrid from the Cupola is well worth the 4 euro in entrance charges. We off to another dinner.... kisses all
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