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Friday, August 03, 2007

Home again

We are back in Friburgo, safe and sound, but I want to backtrack and tell you about our last day in Iguacu Falls (City of Iguacu). This trip for us was totally enjoyable, from beginning to end. It isn't always like this, often you have a bad experience or two that cloud the experience for you. But on this trip, everything we did we enjoyed completely.
We kept getting told by the taxi drivers,waiters, van drivers - everyone kept saying the Argentine side of the falls was the most beautiful - SO off we went. We hired a taxi for the day and went first to the 'biggest, most powerful' power plant ever built. Itaipu. It was okay.... a ride around the complex in a large bus with dirty windows.... Then we got back in our taxi and went across the border into Argentina to judge the two views for ourselves. You can not say you've seen the falls until you looked at it from both sides and I can not choose which is best.
The Brazilian side is viewed more from below and Argentina from the top. Brazil's side, for us, was seen on a overcast day with few people and the Argentine a warm sunny day with thousands and thousands of people (exaggerated a bit for effect!). On both sides, we walked a lot and had a complete experience. In Argentina, you take a slow train up to the' last station' then walk on a causeway that must be 1.5 km long (that's 3 km over and back). It winds across, over the top of the flatland of the river and ends RIGHT AT THE EDGE OF THE FALLS! This was spectacular. There were too many people crowded on the platform, you had to wait your turn to see - but it was well worth the walk and the wait. Enjoy the pictures - Gingerv


  1. I've been there twice and it's always so impressive, isn't?
    Hopefelly I'll see Niagara falls someday...

  2. gorgeous! i would love to visit Argentina and the waterfalls.!

    xoxo, shannon

    ps. see you at new years ginger!