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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Winter is here,

Four days ago we woke to ice on the car windows, it was 20’ outside.  Today it is 62 reaching into the 70s.  This is Houston during the winter months.  Like the rest of the USA, we have had nearly 3 months of unusually cool temperatures this fall, giving us fall colors; trees turning all shades of bright orange and yellow, and even two nights of hard freeze in December and now in January, usually the real winter in Houston, we are up in the seventies with bright blue skies and warm southern breezes.
Today, the only thing telling me that it is winter is the mix of bare branched trees and the still green, native live oaks.  
This blow from the north, icy air temperatures and winds shifting to the south with warm, humid air flowing in, gives us constantly changing scenes.  Bright and clear one day and dark and moody the next as the cold air moves across the warm water, and warm wet ground creating layers of  morning fog. 


  1. A true, beautiful composition. Photography is art when you are behind the camera. Our weather is as unpredictable as anyone's however not such a jump in the degrees.

  2. Love that moody lake shot. It looks wintery. Here is California we are having a very mild winter so far. A little scary really, as the vegetation gets extremely dry and flamable...

  3. That fog on the water shot is spectacular.

  4. I love seeing that second shot, such beautiful and serene photo. I think I might be back this week, been too buzy and losing my interest in my dslr. Nowadays it's always the mobile handphone!

    1. Jama, I am so glad to see you back. If you have the right phone, the camera could be very good. Maybe not for your still lifes and macros but definitely good for showing street scenes of Singapore. You've been missed.