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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Don’t forget to look up,

While walking through the historic center of Rome it is easy to get distracted by all the things to see:  people, gelato signs, police cars weaving through the tourist with their light flashing, grand doors and door knobs, graffiti, just so much to see.  But I will recommend that from time to time you just stand still and look up. 

DSCN1924  DSCN1943

DSCN2135  DSCN2140


be sure to plant your feet to avoid a bit of vertigo, what you see soaring above your head will astound you.


  1. Stunningly beautiful. I cannot imagine seeing that in person.....wow.

  2. The details in the architecture are mesmerizing. I saw your new header. It really turned out well!