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Friday, August 31, 2012

back to basics – in Black and White.

You all know that I prefer color.  I see better when colors are defining the photo so I haven’t ever taken photos in black and white.  I thought that I would play along this week, using my photo editor (I know its not the same thing) to convert some photos of Nova Friburgo into Black and White.  I looked through my archives, looking specifically for bright light that would define the shadows in the photos, trying for first class (edited) photos. 

**** on my computer this photo looked like B&W but wasn’t so I edited it – following is the result.

082 crop

     082 crop B&W

                                             My world class view.  

(still only see it in B&W – per B&B I need a better monitor.)

Nova Friburgo sits, sprawled along a small mountain river. Its streets curve and wind up the hills from the main highway that runs on either side of the concrete-sided river.  The natural beauty of the area is masked by the mess humans have made of managing the city.  It is not a dirty town, just frayed and clustered and now stymied by the transit that is the benefit of a good economy.  After saying all of this how do I really enjoy making photos show the basics of this city in stark B & W. 

DSC08443The city of Nova Friburgo is trying – trying to keep its family oriented environment, trying to add culture and entertainment,  even with the mess of traffic the city continues to have festivals, and it own carnival celebrations giving the citizens a chance a good life with their families. 

DSC_4520  DSC_4525 

DSC07919  DSC08742


  1. As I went through your post I realized that looking at B/W photos put my mind in a different perspective. I cannot explain it. I went back and looked at my own photos in color and yes the B/W just sets a different mood. I remember taking a class in college in Communications and we studies only B/W movies. When I am going to paint from a color pattern I always convert it to B/W for shadow and light perspectives. This was a good theme.

  2. Is that Camillo in the old fancy car? I love that photo and it's perfect in black & white. The first photo of the mountains in the background is gorgeous too.

  3. That first photo simply blew me away, such an awesome sight.

  4. I'm totally captivated by the first shot, blown away by all the colours I see. Amazing!

  5. I remember that first photo from a previous post. It's always been one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. I'd love to see what it would look like in B&W.

    Living in such a colorful place I can completely understand why you'd rather not shoot or edit in B&W. You're really a great sport for playing along. I do have to say the photo of the young woman on the 4-legged critter works incredibly well in B&W.

  6. I really prefer colour too and I find it easier to get into black and white mood in the winter (when the world here is often rather colourless anyway). I think you did well with these though.

  7. Hi, Ginger! I love the first picture as well -- almost black and white although it is in color. Natural black and white, I guess. But the shot of Fiburgo and the mountains is almost surreal! The house so light and the mountains so dark -- I think this has a fantastic feel that it would not have in color. really cool.