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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Carolina’s Brasil, Past and Present

This past weekend Camillo and I had the honor of hosting Carolina during the last leg of her ‘return to Brasil’ trip.  Carol spent two years in the Peace Corp in a small village in Northeast Brasil forty some odd years ago, and after a long time in the planning, retuned this last month to visit that town, and to reacquaint herself with her fellow Peace Corp volunteers and her former students.   I wont go into the details of her visit, that is her story to tell, but will say that she was delightful.  She told us stories of the people of the town, both from 40 years ago and of their successes through today.  There were stories of her experiences with the Peace Corp of the 60s, of Brasil during those years and of how Brasil seemed to her now.   The changes are beyond belief – including the prices.

She arrived in Brasil / Rio with a list of thing she would like to see and do, and we narrowed it down to fit into the four days that she would be here.  Our short list: she wanted to jump off the mountain in Sao Conrado (Open-mouthed smile) – attached to a hang glider of course, see the Niemeyer Contemporary Art Museum in Niteroi, see Santa Teresa, and if possible visit the botanical gardens.   We decided to start with Niteroi on Saturday and Santa Teresa on Sunday so Camillo could join us, these would include trips on the subway, a Barco. lunch in a fish place and any side-shows we might run across.   She would hang glide on Monday and Tuesday we would stay closer to Ipanema so she wouldn’t be totally worn out to travel back to the USA.  The plan was good.

Niteroi: Saturday dawned cloudy with a light mist – we decided to stick with the plan.  This was a good choice, by the time we arrived at the Museum the weather had cleared with a pleasantly warm wind blowing.  Photos are best at this point.

DSCN0354  DSCN0361 DSCN0356

DSCN0383 DSCN0386 DSCN0390

DSCN0393 DSCN0394  DSCN0396 this was my second visit to this museum and once again the beauty is about Niemeyer’s design, its blending with the surroundings – this is not about a wonderful exhibition inside..... that took about 5 minutes.   On display was the work of an Italian artist, very interesting but seemed to be digital works..... yes interesting is the right word. 

Lunch..... we walked down to the base of the hill where the museum sits, and caught a bus to Jurujuba for fresh seafood.  We ended up eating shrimp stroganoff – good but pretty standard. 

DSCN0410  DSCN0404

to be continued.......


  1. Beautiful as always!

    Also, LOVE the current header photo; captured a side of Rio not often seen, what with it looking all peaceful and calm like that.

  2. Visiting the MAC in Niterói is ALWAYS about the archetecture and location. I never suggest people visit for the collection on display inside. I have been then more than 12 times and have NEVER been impressed with the art. Sigh.

    Jurujuba, while being a fishing village, somehow has crappy seafood restaurants. Don't know why. There must be a secret hideaway local spot with delicious cooking, but we have not found it.

    Glad you had a fun day in Niterói.