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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Welcome to my One Hundredth (that is 100th!) My Town Friday Shoot-out.  Starting in March of 2009 with PEOPLE, spanning well over 2 years, learning about my towns, about my camera and very much about myself.   Along the way, I have met many wonderful ‘shoot-out gang’ members.  Being invited in, at the very beginning by Patty H in Maryland and Gina when they were first conceiving ‘My Town’. Getting to know Gordon and Chef E while putting together the Friday Shoot-out blog, and working that blog for nearly a year before turning over the reins to Doreen, et al.  Corresponding with Pauline, Jarielyn, Mark, and many others, off and on over the years; enjoying moments of total understanding and acceptance.  So many great moments like ringing the bells for Barry and participating in the final honorary post after his passing. 

You all know by now that I post based on where I am on any given Friday. I routinely enjoy giving you bits and pieces of Nova Friburgo and of Rio de Janeiro in Brasil, and from Houston, Texas my hometown, but I’ve also brought you topics from France, Italy and from other cities in South America and I hope you have enjoyed this trip through towns and cities around the world as much as I have.  A big Thank You to all that have passed through my computer bringing me interesting topics, laughter and tears, from my town to yours and back.

And the one hundredth – Simplicity.

Another view, another mood from the veranda in the mountains north of Rio,

As the day begins in the Valley Stucky, Nova Friburgo, RJ, Brasil.

June 14, 2011


Friday, June 03, 2011

Nightlife in Rio

By now, you all know that we live part-time in Nova Friburgo and the other part in Rio de Janeiro.  When in Friburgo, we don’t really go out at night.  In the 8 years living here in Brasil, I’ve been out maybe 10 times at night in Friburgo and two of those was to go downtown for carnival.  The road from our house is a narrow two lane road, with many sharp hairpin turns – neither of us really likes driving it at night – so we don’t.  I am sad to say we watch TV.   We go to Rio if we start wanting to be out after dark.  We either walk around Ipanema to go to the movies, or to dinner, or to just go for a beer and ‘Lula & French fries’ or we take a taxi to meet friends for an occasional change of pace in their neighborhood – for dinner or drinks... Yep not a very exciting night life for us.   

DSCN0348DSCN0350In Ipanema, by around 7 all the stores (lojas) are closed up for the night.  The people that are on the street are local residents and tourist that are staying at the hotels.  Like us they are looking for food or a movie.  I think that there are clubs on either end of this barrio that keep the young people entertained, but we aren’t really aware of them and most definitely don’t go anywhere near them. 

During the day the streets are so crowded that you can’t loose focus long enough to look in the shop windows but at night our 6 block area of Ipanema is quiet and it is nice to window shop or to walk along the beach. ..... (for us that is between 8 and 10, then to home!)

DSCN0376 DSCN0368 DSCN0437 

Down by the beach there is still a little traffic and some action.  Most of the action is soccer or volley ball games on the beach and people enjoying a beer and conversation at one of the kiosks along the way.  The day is winding down.