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Friday, November 05, 2010

Being gNarly in Houston;

All this week I have been driving around saying, “fence, tree, branch, flowers, dry grass, road signs, motor bikes, freeway, overpass, ‘fall festival’ ….  never a ‘N’ noun to be found” in Houston.   So I say to my granddaughter, Marissa, (M was much easier) look for ‘Ns’. 
Ns, I need ‘N’ words in Houston for the FSO.
She quickly rattles off, “Necessary, nada, name, negate, nocturnal, notions, nameless, NO Nouns; don’t see any ‘N’ nouns.” (She is a straight A student and quicker on her feet than Grams)
NEARLY desperate, I go once more through my limited photo folders on the laptop – nada, nothing, zip.  (no photo archives on this laptop just misc. folders that I have been too distracted to move to the external drive.)  Back to the HOUSTON folder from my trip here last March-April.  I see a photo and the word ‘NARLY'’ pops out of my mouth ….. to the internet, Google …  define ‘NARLY’  “you mean gnarled?”   okay gnarled – that’s close isn’t it?  It sounds like an “N” word and gNarled is defined as, “used of old persons or old trees; covered with kNobs or kNots; "gNarled and kNotted hands"; "a kNobbed stick".  Yeah! I can participate this week without driving to NASA or to the Natural History Museum. YEAH!!
So here we are “gNarled from Houston.”
(now that I look closer that could be my arm with its new old age wrinkles and bumps, ick!)
Have a great week. 


  1. That's a great word! we use it as slang all the time. "That's Narly" I would of never guessed it had a g starting the word. And those are Gnarly pictures! I like them!

  2. Nice (um, gNice?) shots of some very gNarly branches and gators. I love the reflection in the bottom photo, and I love the new header shot.

    Have missed you : )

  3. Glad I came back to find this one! gNarly is certainly an N-word in my book! The gator seems way to close. I also like what you do with your header shots!

  4. B&B close thanks to my new 18 x 270 lens.

  5. Good bit of lateral thinking Ginger.
    Love it ;)

  6. Gnarly counts, yes it does! And I think the Notches in your gator's gnarly Nether-regions make a Notable photo. And that may be your arm in the tree photo, but it is also my kNee:)

  7. Oh, Ginger V, I hardly think your arm looks like that :)

    Love these shots of the gator!

    -Vermont Girl

  8. Oh GingerV you got me laughing. Looks my my gnarly arm too. Some great photos. I had trouble with Ns too but spent today looking "UP." Had a great day. Great you all are home safe and contented.

  9. Oh well done, indeed, Ginger. Love your out of the square thinking.
    Your gNarly reptile photos are wonderful!

  10. Ginger, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Every word rolled of my tongue and left me wanting more.

    I too was going around this week saying out loud the words when I saw something to try and get the N word. This one was a challenge.

    That crocodile or alligator really blends, doesn't he? Scary looking. I really like that gNARLED tree at the end and the tree in your header is stunning too.

  11. That tree in the dark looks just as scary as the alligator.

    How long are you in Houston for?

  12. The gator shot nearly make me jump out of my seat, looks so huge and scary!

  13. :-) great post Ginger!! had me laughing and saying yep, I thought that, yep, I tried that too. the N's was a challenge for most of us! fantastic shots of the alligator. full of kNobs.

  14. Wow, Nice alligator photos! Have Fun!