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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A walk with Alligators Part II

My walk the day before in the Brazos Bend State Park was short, maybe an hour and 30 minutes but what I saw and the photos I took were just enough to wet my appetite; make me eager to return. So on Thursday instead of going to the gym after I dropped Patty at work, I drove straight out hwy 59, just a little past Sugarland and down to the south another 20 minutes, and arrived at the park by 8 am when it opened.
It felt like there were only me and my camera in the world, no school busses full of children, no parents with strollers, and no bicycles (ists?) whizzing around. I have found that I like this feeling, this type of aloneness. It is surprising how lonely I can feel sitting at home or at a movie theater alone, or even while out to lunch with a group of friends but when I am alone, out walking with my camera my world seems full and satisfying.

‘To walk on Water’ I am hopelessly inept at naming birds. I saw a cardinal and a blue jay for sure but the rest I won't attempt to name. These guys floating in the shallows along the shore reassured me that alligators weren't too close – a calm bird seems to be a good indicator doesn’t it?  As I walk up on them, they would take off - walking across the water…. they didn’t seem to fly. (?)
First sighting!
Just to see if he was real I walked back and forth across the foot bridge – his face moved back and forth WATCHING me! he is real. 
DSC_2778  DSC_2844  DSC_2723

So six different alligators in all. There are a couple hundred more photos that I could show you but will stop here.  These show you the general look of the land – Hope you enjoyed the walk.


  1. I know what you mean about feeling whole and enriched when you are alone on a walk such as you have shown us. How beautiful and complex the flora, fauna, light and shadows all are! What a great time you must have had.

  2. What a terrific experience, Ginger. Nature walks are often best when you're on your own, undisturbed by busloads and teeming masses. Just you and Nature.

  3. I loved the walk and envy you the experience. But, at least, I got a taste of it in your excellent photos.

    Glad you didn't get eaten for breakfast.

  4. Enjoyed the walk very much Ginger.
    I know just what you mean about being out alone with the camera; and yet not feel alone.
    Those alligators look pretty mean.

  5. I really enjoyed being with you and your camera, Ginger. That looks like a wonderful place, I'd feel like I was having an adventure just being there. After seeing all those mean alligators I looked at the last peaceful shot of tree reflections and shuddered, imagining what was underneath. You really drew me in! :)

  6. Poetry comes out of me when I take walks like this!

    I did not know that Aligators have made their way into Texas? Wow, I need to catch up.

    GingerV The photos are magnificent!

  7. That is a gorgeous set of photos.

    We don't have aligators but further north we do have crocodiles.

  8. I have an amazon parrot so I am partial to birds. The white one with red/pink is beautiful! Nice photo.