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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

(Promised) Arts and Crafts of Minas Gerais – Tiradentes part 3

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This area is know for its wood carved furniture and decorative items.
there are many items carved from wood then painted in bright colors.  the dolls above are made with heads from wood and skirts from paper Mache.  The motifs repeat over and over but the quality of the artwork and the pricing varies by a wide margin.
   I  have seen these in most towns of Brasil that I have visited but I think they are actually made here.  These young ladies where made of ceramics, but there were also a few carved from wood.  It is amazing to me the variations in expressions that you see, haughty, gentle dreamer or flirty – the details front and back that create these moods are amazing.
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362 359 366 A few weeks back The Friday Shoot out Gang’s theme was yard ornaments…. at that moment I didn’t have anything to post.  Now look at what is possible to have in your yard or on your porch!  and all in one place.  Aren’t they the best?
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is a small town very close Tiradentes there were many very unusual things, statues made of bottle caps, kites of Paper Mache, 
382 bottle caps   394 paper Mache kites.


  1. These were great. I love the dogs.

  2. What a great and colourful selection. Must be a lot of work goes into them.

  3. Wow. Some really great work here. I love the girls above the vanity (or whatever it is). But actually all of them are works of art.

  4. Oh my, I like this post very much because am a crafty person. The dolls, the ducks and most of all the small houses! Is made of wood?