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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Winter Forest

Contra to what my body and mind are used to, as it often is in this country, it is now winter. In Rio, I don't notice it so much because the temperatures are pretty moderate, never dropping into the freezing range as it will from time to time in Houston, but in Friburgo it can feel pretty cold. In Houston we wouldn't think it cold, in the mid 50s or so but there, there is heat in the house and our house in Friburgo is not heated - in other words it can FEEL very cold. What is astonishing to me is the colors in the forest this time of year. The QUARESMEIRA (purple trees) is just finishing its show and the 'flor-de-Maio' is just beginning (yellow single bloom). Last year, they were both in bloom at the same time - fantastic - this year they will be separated by several weeks. Right now there are bird of paradise, poinsettias, jasmines and Christmas cactus flowering, the leaves of the caqui are red and all combined, as if compensating for the days of fog and clouds, the color show in the forest is the best this time of year.

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