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Monday, February 11, 2008

'more' bigger

DSC_6529A trip to the local garden center took Patty and me 1 hour and 35 minutes - a 5 minute drive and an hour & 1/2 to walk around. We walked up and down all the rows enjoying the fresh air, moderate morning temperatures and a complete selection of spring flowers, trees and bushes that are best planted now, beforeDSC_6526 the heat of summer. DSC_6538
I bought some bulbs to plant in Friburgo and, of course, more seeds. The seeds I take back never grow into viable plants, but I get warm feelings starting them in the greenhouse. I have started to give the baby plants to Lucia and Manuel to take home. They live down the hill from us and seem to be able to get a vegie or two from the plants - mine grow just enough to allow me to walk around the garden and eat a handful of peas, green beans or cherry tomatoes, pulled straight from the "vine".
This Houston Garden center is another example of the 'bigger' in the States. One that I can't help but fully enjoy -

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