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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spain - another day

This entry will be short, I am tired and too full of wine to write something interesting. I made several mistakes today; first when at the Museo National del Prado and the Real Jardin Botanico, I took my photos in 'RAW' mode - instead of .jpeg in .nef. I had never heard of this before but it is an option on my new Nikon D40x. At lunch the other day, some young (cute) techy type guy was telling me about 'RAW' and I went into the menu on the camera to see if I had this option, and without realizing it I must have changed my camera to this mode. My photos (I hope) are not lost but I may have to buy a new editing program in order to read the photos. I am using Camillo's computer now and will not try to download the program while here - so you will have to wait for those photos. Second, I convinced Camillo that we should go into a supermarket that is underground, around the corner from the apartment.

You can not imagine the culture shock of this market compared to Zona Zul in Rio, or even worse the ABC Barateiro in Nova Friburgo. There were all sorts of foods, organized, clean, no long lines, and no baskets clogging the checkout lines. AND last, I did not take a photo of this wonderful place once past the fish counter. So you will all just have to take my word for it. Maybe I can go back - but I won't be able to buy any thing - I hate loosing my treasures in customs in the Rio Airport - they always seem to catch me with food in my suitcases - my eyes are probably always shifty with guilt. Ginger V

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