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Friday, April 04, 2014

Out and about in Houston

“Out and About - Take us on a walk through your town. What are the sights you see when you are out doing your daily or weekly chores, or when you are out for some leisure? (by Barb)”

Had to smile at the idea of walking about my town, doing errands and seeing the sights. Incase anyone is confused because I post from “Houston”, that’s Houston Texas, then talk about Missouri City, or Galveston, and maybe thrown in from time to time,, Sugarland and even Rosenberg, it is because all these towns are butted up, side by side.  The street names may change, and occasionally you can see a sign that says leaving Houston or entering Missouri City, but it is really one big city.  Linked by highways and bayous, shopping malls and shopping strips; stretching, spread-out, proliferating.  Reaching from the Gulf of Mexico to Huntsville, and from the Louisiana border to the prairie west of Katy this town is not something you stroll through seeing the sights. 

SAM_3126There are places to walk about…. from the fringe of a parking lot to the store front is sometimes a good hike.  During the Christmas holidays and other major shopping days, you are just as likely to have to drive to the fringe to park as to be lucky enough to find an empty spot up by the door.   On those days shopping is good for your heart….


Even getting back to the milk and eggs at the supermarket may take you by surprise.







DSC_2978Generally the effort to get to the supermarket or to the movie theater is about a 15 to 25 minute drive; just like it might be for those of you who live out in the countryside.  But this is just the amount of time it  takes to get out of the neighborhood and head up the highway a bit.  The days I meet my hiking group to walk the bayous or through the forest is about driving an hour or more (3) each direction.  If I do get out and drive this time of year, I am rewarded with the Texas wildflowers that thrive along the highways. 

DSC_3307 (2)DSC_3281DSC00212


  1. Really brings home how huge it all is.
    Love those flowers in the last picture.

  2. These are all wonderful examples of the beauty of everyday. I'm always amazed at US supermarkets, especially the different colorful labels then we have here in Europe. You know, I visited the USA as well, back in 2004. I was in Virginia and Washington DC for three weeks, and it was wonderful!

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. Mersad, I am happy to know you visited "my" town. I think Virginia and DC are beautiful. Christa

  3. Looks like it's quite stretched out there. It's like that in my city too...not as big though.
    Nice photos!

  4. This illustrates the size of the place so well, Ginger. How on earth did you get that huge parking lot with just 2 cars in it? Were you up really early? And the supermarket - you would find ours really small compared to that! But what is beautiful is really beautiful. The last pic of the flowers is so soft and gentle it's hard to imagine them surviving beside a busy highway.

  5. The carpark and supermarket looked empty....where's everyone? Love that shot of the flowers best.

  6. When I would visit Texas and especially the first time, our son took me on a tour of the areas where the wildflowers are. He tells me everyone had Cedar Fever now. Your shots are very good and does indeed show the vastness of Texas.

  7. WOW! I can't believe those are your wild flowers. They are gorgeous. I am jealous.