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Friday, August 23, 2013

Missouri City Fire Department

I know, I know I am late at posting the Friday Shoot Out photos, but not too late because in Houston it is only 9:30 pm, I actually have 2.5 more hours of Friday left to get myself in gear.  This topic was one of my suggestions so I had an idea from the beginning where I wanted to go with it, then, frankly, I got chicken and it took me until this morning to ask if I could go inside a fire station with my camera.   What I really wanted was some  firemen hunks sitting around their dinner table, washing dishes with a dishtowel around their waste, trucks being washed down out behind the firehouse, and trucks being loaded while the fire bells rang….. you get the idea, a real close-up of how the firemen spend their time away from family and friends.  What I got was one very nice, polite young man (yes a fireman) sedately showing me the garage area, the biggest truck and all the rest of the firemen were out on a call.  I did get a few shots of truck, somewhat confined photos, no heart throbbing excitement, but it was my own fault for waiting to the last minute to get my photos. Maybe I can ask for a second chance; I would love following around for a day.

DSCN1505  DSCN1541DSCN1517 










DSCN1523  Lost focus for a minute there,  a Harley, nothing is as beautiful. I seriously considered begging a ride.  I had the good sense to stop short of embarrassing myself.   A Grandmother with a broken arm….. really.






and back from their run later in the day…..


see you next week. 

go here for more emergency vehicle shots from around the globe.  http://mytownshootout.blogspot.com/


  1. Ginger, these are terrific - I especially like the composition of the last four. I think these are the best shots of the day!

  2. Nothing wrong with a grandma on a Harley!!!

  3. A harley in a firestation? I would just sit on it and ask someone to take a photo of it!