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Friday, June 14, 2013

Just Odd

I drive myself crazy; not all the time but often.  When packing to come to Adrian, I packed my external drive, the one that contains all my photo archives to be prepared for FSO and other blog entries; hauled the MY Book all the way across the country and LEFT the power supply in Houston.  You all have to be patient, the only photos I have are the ones I took while crossing the country from south to north and photos of Adrian I have been snapping since arriving.  I knew ODD was coming up on the schedule and have been on the lookout for possibilities but where is my hometown exactly, and what I could feature in order to participate have been big questions.   I am in an ODD place.

I spent some time looking through photos from New Orleans, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan – ignoring that none of these places are where I might call my hometown for the Friday Shoot Out and looked for possible odd number subjects that might meet our topic this week:  here are my contributions

Botanical Gardens Birmingham Alabama


I counted the lily pads 10 plus the bud in the lower left corner – 11 – ODD.



One (odd) triple blossom Purple Datura Metel  (you have my word on it)

And finally – Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky – Just ODD


have a great week – Ginger V


  1. The car is certainly odd ;) I like the three pink flowers, a good example of the rule I think.

  2. Purple Datura Metel: it was just right to feature her by herself.

  3. That triple blossom is amazing.

    I host a weekly link party called "Oh, the PLACES I've been!" The link goes up at 7pm EST on Thursday. I hope to see you then!

    - The Tablescaper