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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Street art and other graffiti

DSCN0081I am enjoying an unexpected trip back into Rio.  Things have settled down, many tasks checked off the list.  But unable to resolve a couple issues with my bank, issues unfortunately of my own making, through an attorney and a friend trying to help; I had to fly down and spend a few days getting things straightened out.  Paulo and Lenira kindly are allowing me to stay with them for the week.  I have been up here to their apartment a few times for dinner but this is the first time I have explored their neighborhood on foot. 
The Laranjeiras barrio has the residence of the Governor of the Rio de Janeiro State  and his ‘office’ .  As in the rest of Rio, there is a mixture of grand beauty and despair.  From up here in the highest part it is a 15 minute walk down to the Lago Machado metro station and past that by about 5DSCN0093 minutes is a crossover to the aterro and its path along the bay.  Today I walked a total of 2 hours, getting down to the path, walking nearly to the downtown airport and then back up to the apartment.  It was a good exercise given that my DSCN0106new camera’s battery gave out after about one hour and then I maintained a good clip on the return.   
I didn’t get my photos downloaded to the computer soon enough to write for the FSO  but I have been on the lookout for some very special graffiti and if that failed some public art that is so prevalent in Rio while I have been walking around.  I really did intend to participate this last week, but for now I have to be content with showing you just a few of the shots from this part of Rio.
DSCN0107  DSCN0109
DSCN0108  DSCN0117
Now knowing this area better I would recommend staying here versus Ipanema (out of this world expensive) or Copacabana (so totally dirty).  There is easy access to several metro stations, lots of little bars and restaurants, smaller hotels.  a great beach and it is very central to both the central museums, and the Christ and Sugar Loaf.  It is great to be home.
DSCN3924  DSCN3925


  1. I'm glad you got those shots to share with us. I've been educated in graffiti art a bit this week, I believe three young graffiti artits call me "that cool old lady" and one of them who has talked with me has a reputation for being sullen and withdrawn (and I'm very proud to have received a smile from him. Strange the connections you can make with people when you reach out. I wonder if Lorax is a gang. I see taggers are a problem there, too.

  2. Great post, Ginger. I especially like the first and last two photos of graffiti. Your composition is great and the art is gorgeous. You sound so happy, circumstances notwithstanding, to be back in Rio.

  3. I noticed you left a comment over on the 5/17 shoot-out about being ready to help again. Since I don't know whose inbox those comments land in, could you please send me your email address? I'm ready for some down-time and would be grateful if you'd take my place in the rotation. (dst33@comcast.net)

    Thanks Ginger.