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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The last night in Turin,

Tomorrow we leave for Alba and the Tartuffe (truffles) festival; the highlight of this trip.  Camillo’s sister ask us over two years ago to meet her in Italy for this festival, and then backed out once we got into the idea.  We are both sorry she won’t make it.  The idea of trying many recipes of food and pasta with truffles, and the local wines that are made to accompany the food is of real interest for us. 

Our six days in Torino (Turin) have been fun.  Our hotel is inside the historic center, within easy walking to many sites.  In fact, the map of this area has 58 buildings to see listed and 92 sites of artistic and cultural interest.  (there may be overlaps)  Most of these are palaces (Palazzos) from when the Savoy kings and their courts were housed here.  Torino being the first capital of the unified Italy before Florence then Rome.  Over a three hundred year period, the city went from a remote military outpost to one of the most sophisticated cities in Europe.DSCN1972  (1560 – 1860s)


We’ve spent many hours walking, browsing, gazing, photographing and, of course, eating.  I have 3 pair of comfortable shoes with me, a pair of tennis, one pair of boots and one pair very comfortable sandals.  Over the six days, I rotated through the shoes, going out in the morning around 10 and walking until two or three in one pair.  Going back to the hotel for a rest and then going out again around 7 wearing a different pair of DSCN1855shoes.  This works pretty well for keeping the feet (arches) from collapsing.   

The café in the Palazzo Reale -

In the first two days we visited the Palazzo Reale, which is huge; didn’t allow photos and took at least 3 hours to walk through: 

the Palazzo Madama which is a wonderful museum containing furniture, plates and decorative items, and is four stories of history of the Royal period, did allow photos and nearly caused me to drop with exhaustion and gave tremendous joy all at the same time.


The Palazzo Madama:

DSCN1894  DSCN1885  DSCN1900 

DSCN1905 DSCN1906 DSCN1918


The Madama had a full room of hand made lace on display.  OMG!DSCN2207

We filled each day, but I will tell of only two more places we really enjoyed.  We took a bus then a trolley (train) up to the Basilica di Superga (the tombs of kings and Queens of the Savoys).  First we got to sit for most of the 40 minute trip both ways, the view of the city is superb, and the Basilica beautiful where it sits upon the hill.


And FINAALY : the National Museum of Cinema - the MoleDSCN2109

Mole Antonelliana sede del Museo del Cinema:  This is probably the best known landmark, the most photographed  in Torino.  To tell the truth, I wanted to see the building but wasn’t really interested in the Museum of Cinema.  I was wrong.  What fun.  There are many interactive displays  illustrating the technology of early film and the development of cameras.  Then when you think your feet won’t hold up another minute you, enter a huge room with large screens hanging from the ceiling and lounge chairs with sound coming from in the head rest…. and clips from old movies from the 40’s and 50’s and some 60’s (that we saw anyway in the 40 minutes or so we laid with our feet up) playing on all the screens.  There isn’t a child, of any age, that won’t enjoy this museum.DSCN2163







DSCN2299  DSCN2297

Goodnight from Torino.


  1. So many beautiful sights, Ginger. I think I'd be in danger of a stiff neck from all that looking up, too. Those lounge chairs look like a great idea for tired tourists.

  2. Oh, wow. How absolutely beautiful.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful! They make me want to buy a ticket right now, and that's what good travel photography is all about.

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  5. Sorry, it's been awhile since I looked at your blog. As always I'm taken back by the fantastic photographs, even though travel-logs aren't my cup of tea. Someday you'll get old, like me, and then you'll settle down to photographing what's around you. I assume you have finished with the Rio/Houston move. Good for looking at new horizons and a comeback for producing Ginger's Flowers and More. beijinhos

    1. Really not intended as a traval log. But as my thoughts and feelings as I see these new cities in Italy.