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Monday, October 01, 2012

A Meal to write home about

Finally, one week in Europe and I have a meal to write home about.

Restorante Tre Galline (10122 Torino – Via Bellezia, 37)  [the three chicken restaurant] info@3galline.it 

This restaurant was recommended by the (night) Concierge when ask if he knew a ‘local’ restaurant with typical cosine.  

We shared 3 dishes, in order to taste as many tastes as possible,  and we were impressed that the server did as we ask without complaint. DSCN2231

Ricotta fatta in casa con misticanza di erbe & verdure di stagione

Fresh made Ricotta with a mixture of herbs and greens. This included Bulei (Camillo is not sure of the spelling) mushrooms, steamed small green beans, red cabbage, and very thin sliced zucchini, drizzle of olive oil and salt)

Served with local wine: Nebbiolo


Tagliolini ai funghi porcini

pasta with porcini mushrooms (sounds better in Italian)

served with local wine: Barbera


Agnello al forno e Torino di patate, fichi e nocciole

Baked lamb with a ‘Potato Patti’  (this is so wrong – this was whipped potato, maybe twice baked – had a slight crust on top - with small pieces of fig and a nuts.  This was super delicious and I will try to make at home as soon as possible.)


Meringata ai frutti di bosco

Meringue with raspberry  (Inside the meringue was a hard shell of meringue with a raspberry jelly on a light crust.)

A perfect meal.


  1. I've just had a visual feast. A perfect meal indeed!

  2. wow!!!! a cafe that looks like a high class restaurant. the food Yum

  3. Now I'm Hungry! And at a ridiculous hour too! *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Only repeat the good things, I say, Ginger. And these are delights for the senses good enough to repeat in my book. Still good all these months later!

  5. Oh!!!! This is truly inspired food. Good luck (& please share) making that baked lamb potato dish at home! Wow.

  6. All look so delicious and beautifully photographed.

  7. Now I am hungry again, and just had dinner.

  8. Yikes, and I am trying to stay away from eating after eight. Great shots. Yes, I have been MIA, soooo busy these days.