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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Museums and Memorials–Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal

DSCN1503I know we did only two days in Lisbon; half day on Wednesday, all day on Thursday and a half day on Friday, but Camillo was the organizer of what DSCN1507we saw when, and I think we did really well in a very short time.  We stayed in a hotel in the central historic center, ate and walked near the hotel, down to the sea as the sun set on Wednesday evening. 

DSCN1557On Thursday we went by private car out to see the Memorial of the Navigators, (Padrão dos Descobrimentos), the Jerónimos Monastery, The Maritime Museum  (Museu de Marinha) and the Torre de Belém.  All of these museums and monuments are within (relatively) easy walking distance from one to the other.  The problem is when you walk all around each, then go to the next and the next, it become pretty hard on your feet.  We did the rounds in about five hours, plus a light lunch.  Then after a rest at the hotel, we went by taxi up to the Castle (Castelo de S. Jorge) walked around, watching the sunset, and afterward walked down passing by the Se (the archbishops seat) to the historic center for dinner; another two hours.  Might have been better to split all the major sites between two day, but well, we only had one full day…. so we hurt a little but saw a lot.

Photos in order:  Memorial of the Navigators

DSC_2370 DSC_2373

DSC_2377   DSC_2405

DSC_2379  DSC_2384

 Mosteiro dos Jerónimos & Museu de Marinha: Taken from the Roof of the Memorial - to the right the tour of the monastery and on the left the entrance to the Maritime Museum.

DSC_2401DSC_2419  .DSC_2429  DSC_2433

DSC_2445  DSC_2448  DSC_2455  DSCN1613    DSC_2465    DSC_2478

I am not a ship or sailboat enthusiast but enjoyed this extensive display of model ships through history and the world exploration by the Portuguese. 

DSC_2490  DSC_2493

DSC_2518  DSC_2523  DSC_2500  DSC_2510 

Enough!!  Tomorrow more – When I am home, with a better internet connection I will download slide shows.  For now will continue to record the trip in date order….


  1. You certainly seem to have made good use of your time in that beautiful town.

  2. Thank you for your dedication and suffering for the cause. You sure did see a lot, thanks for sharing. Your new header just blows me away!

  3. Such incredibly beautiful architecture!!!! Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for shooting it for us!