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Friday, September 21, 2012

high above Rio….

just about as high as you can get without flying – everyone who visits Rio tries to visit at least once and looking up is what they do.

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One of my favorite things to do in Rio is to show visitors.  This trip up last weekend  – high above the city was right at dusk.  So we saw the lights come on, both those highlighting The Christ and way below us in the city.


Below us is the Sugar Loaf and the barrio of Botafogo.  See the shadow of The Christ on the water as the sun sets.  Across the bay, Niteroi.











The lights are coming on all around the Lagoa.  With the jockey club on the right and Ipanema crowded against the sea.











Around on the other side, central, the Rio-Niteroi bridge showing in the fading light and lights from the ships waiting to load and unload their cargos flash in the distance.











Finally full dark arrives, time to make our way back to Ipanema.













One last glance over our shoulder – once again looking up because one look is never enough.



  1. Wow, you certainly live in the right place for this topic ;) Wonderful views, thanks.

  2. Gorgeous! Our trip to Sugarloaf was at sunset and was truly beautiful. Didn't plan our Cristo trip to coincide, but it is lovely under the lights as well. You got some stunning photos!

  3. In New Zealand, and Malaysia, we have a Ethnic/Nationality "label" which is Chinese for me, and a citizenship which is New Zealander. It is everywhere in official forms. Now we are teaching our children to recognise and accept our duality. New Zealand is a newly formed country. It is not a race.

    That Jesus statue stands out and is on most TV shows when they go to your country.

  4. These are all stunning shots, Ginger. Thank you for the flowing commentary explaining all that you photographed.

  5. Oh Ginger, these are wonderful. I really love the third from last shot where the light is so soft, sort of mystical and magical. And the last one is beautiful~

  6. Wow that is awesome. What great Pics. Thanks for sharing

  7. Love every photos! such a spectacular view of your county.

  8. Always a magical, mystical place to me. Great photos.