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Monday, June 25, 2012

Visiting Houston

I can’t believe that three weeks of my month at Patty’s in Houston are already gone.  One more week here, and two weeks at Camillo’s son’s which will include 4 days in Michigan celebrating my Mother’s 90th birthday.  That celebration will include over 40 family and family friends and should be a great time. 

Nothing makes time seem to go by so fast as having a list of things to do each day.  There have been hours at 005the gym with Marissa, taking Maris to her driver’s training course and to a couple volleyball workshops (is that what they are called?), an annual eye exam, annual well woman’s exam, lab test, bone density tests, grocery shopping (Yea!), lunch downtown with the girls, taking the camera in for cleaning, dinner at a friends home on Sunday, and, of course, shopping shopping.  Yes time has flown. 

032Shopping with Marissa is usually great fun, I don’t buy (much) and am forced to look at all the new styles and fabrics.  The summer styles this year are made up of ‘way to short’ shorts and crop tops.  You know I still think of Marissa as a little girl even though she is 16 going on 17 and getting ready to be responsible for driving a car.  So Short shorts and belly displaying tops make me nervous.   I look at her and feel shock that she is growing up so fast.  Maybe this is a direct result of being away from her so many months between visits. 

Sorry cloths and shopping…  we were in the Galleria last week for my haircut and by parking  at the opposite end from the hairdressers it was necessary to walk the mall and go in and out of all the stores having sales.  We walked into this store and Maris says, ‘I feel like I’ve just come home!’….  ThankGod they didn’t have the size she needed in the shorts she liked, we walked away empty handed but (I) had a great time looking, soaking up the space and trying on cloths.

The whole time here the temperatures have been in the high 90s.  This week it is to reach into the 100s.  Humidity has been high.  Scattered, very heavy rains happening nearly every other day.  This weather is not conducive to walks with the camera so I have no new photos and have not participated in the FMTSO for several weeks, and wont this next week either for that matter.  My second favorite thing to do while in Houston, maybe that should be third favorite because just hanging out with Patty and Marissa is number one, then walking with the camera is two and three is to go out Latin dancing.  I have only gone out two times, both to rather disappointing places so no real dancing opportunities.  In other words I feel like I need more time here.  I will need to make the most of my next, last week visiting Houston.




  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. I'm happy for you...

  2. You will be needing to go home soon for a rest! Nothing wears me out like shopping does - I guess because I don't enjoy it. When I visit my sister she gets all excited at the prospect of taking me shopping and then tormenting me when I get tired and grouchy.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday, Ginger.