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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunset Rio

  This weekend Brasil went off daylight savings.  Every year it is a different day, even a ipanema Beach 003different month – it seems given to the whim of the ruling government.  I am sure that there is some logic to it but I’ve yet to see the pattern.  Maybe I should do a spreadsheet of the dates over the past 10 years, then a graph and analyze the results….. 

No Matter, I actually like the change.  Now Houston is only 3 hours behind us and when they go ON daylight savings, there will only be two hours.  And I was able to walk at my usual afternoon time and yesterday I caught the sunset.  Last week I left the apartment at 5:50, walking at a good clip and I was up at the pile of stones on the east end of Ipanema with about 30 minutes to sun down.  Last night, leaving at the same time, I had to keep looking over my shoulder to see what was happening with the sun as I made the walk.  Too much glare through the humidity, that’s what! 
By the time I had reached the end of the beach I was beginning to feel that I would be rewarded for my efforts.

ipanema Beach 004

The twin brothers had a wisp of cloud floating around its summit, a few rays of sun were reflecting off the high-rises along the beach front.  I decided to join the sunset gazers atop the rocks to watch the final show at days end.  ipanema Beach 006ipanema Beach 013
I am pretty sure that the city has cleared the top of this rock formation to allow sunset gazers to vie for the best shots…. sit on the rocks and hold hands with your lover and sell sodas and water to make your day rate before the sun goes down.

ipanema Beach 017    

  I decided that this sunset was going to be just for me and my camera. 
ipanema Beach 014   ipanema Beach 019
ipanema Beach 025  ipanema Beach 029
ipanema Beach 031  ipanema Beach 034  
Today we will return to Friburgo but I am leaving pleased with myself and my little point and shoot.

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