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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A place close to the heart

You won’t believe this but I had a completely different post planned for today…. the best laid plans….. and all that stuff.  I just went to the the MTFSO blog page and re-read the topic for this week – thought OOPS.  “February 17 - Hearts. Heart shapes or places near and dear to your heart”, I need to read or to remember what I’ve read better.  Anyway, a last minute change of heart…..

February 14 is not valentines day in Brasil; Dia dos Namorados is on June 12th this year.  I wouldn’t or didn’t write anything about valentines day, love or passion – just not my way.  But when thinking about places close to the heart, there I could make a list.  It won’t be a surprise to you that Brasil in general was not on my list of  places ‘close to the heart’.  Maybe the botanical gardens of Rio or the park of the sitting dog in Friburgo are two of my favorite places but close to the heart is a stretch.  No, they are just interesting places.  My list would include Adrian Michigan, Houston Texas, Paris France (and other French places) and most of Italy.  Now these places could be noted as close to the (my) heart.  And just to show I’m legal, I have at one time or another posted on the MTFSO from any one of these places – so close to the heart and my towns.  

This revelation sent me looking through my archives.  I’ve made notes of things I’ve seen, felt while traveling and I found some notes listed under ROME / Italy.  So I will try to find some photos that will show you what prompted the words.  Remember that this is not intended as poetry just thoughts stimulated, probably, while sitting in some quiet spot after a good meal…..



Sweet smell of flowers, crisp scents of olives mingle in warm sunshine.  Red, yellow, purple and cream wild flowers color dotting cultivated fields.  Drab, deep and bright green, weathered red, soft browns, blue sky completes, blends, fills the eye, the mind : gratification. 

Fast cars, slow roads, rude, warm, inviting proud people, small space, big heart; grapes, grappa, pasta, bread.  Land renews, rocks grow old, hidden treasures, time and space continue.  Italy.

Photos from Rome and other towns throughout Italy and represent all (some!) of my favorite things, …held close to the heart

DSC02349  DSC02363 

DSC02387 (2)   DSC03489  Monterosso, Itally (13)

SAM_2557   DSC_6605 DSC_6590



  1. Normally I would drool at the dessert...but today, those grapes caught my eye. They look wonderful!

  2. Love the shot of the grapes and the door.

  3. I'm with Lena, the grapes and the door are my favorite this week.

  4. I really like the places dear to your heart - and how you captured them. The grapes look so inviting!

  5. Beautiful post. All things in nature are close to my heart.

  6. Wow! I missed the part about places close to the heart too! It would have helped since I'm not crazy about just heart shaoes. I love the Italy stuff...beautiful country and you've caught some great images.

  7. Seeing some great things I will not ever get to actually see myself. Thanks for your beautiful sharing.

  8. Well, I can certainly see why Italy would be close to your heart! Wonderful photos!

  9. As usual, you have lovely photos of the places close to your heart.