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Friday, February 24, 2012

Motion – movement on the streets

OK, I am game for learning new things about my camera.  I went back and printed Rebecca’s mini-course on Panning, read it again & again, thought about it, talked with Camillo about it and almost caused a divorce (He kept asking me questions about my digital camera that I couldn’t answer – it is not a semi-automatic 35mm like he knows and understands – anyway we agreed not to talk about it anymore.) and finally tried it a few times.  

We were in Friburgo for the week, hiding at the house because the town was clogged with Carnival goers and other strangers, so my options for action to try and capture was Spritzer and cars on the road. 

DSC_1618  OOPS, If you are sitting still and they are moving, you have to move the camera and click the shutter at the same time…… Hand – Eye coordination becomes a factor…..  but even with the motorcycle missing there is some panning movement.  (Nikon d40 - M)

DSC_1628 Improved?  there is a sense of motions….. If you start to feel seasick blink your eyes a few times…..  (Nikon d40 – landscape)

DSC_1620  Click AFTER the actions starts….!!

DSC_1621  Almost have it….. (Nikon d40 – landscape)  to bad the yellow ball isn’t more distinct.

SAM_0286  SAM_0284  We have come into Rio for the weekend and I walked down to the beach last evening hoping for some skaters, skateboarder, bicyclists.  There were enough to try with my point and shoot Samsung TL240 , there also were 200 people per sq. meter, all in the way, moving, jostling, drinking, sweating.  There were two guys on skateboards that I have to say looked mighty fine, tan, muscles, sweat and, of course, movement….. but I couldn’t catch them to take their picture….. plus Camillo reads my blog. (that is not me in that photo.)

 055 059060 057 061

Hey can you do it?  That is a giant rubber band they are walking….

SAM_0300  movement in the Lagoa this morning…

SAM_0138wind (I played with this a bit….. I added wind special effect trying to get more movement….. )  In the end was fun trying new ‘actions’ with my camera…..


  1. Great bunch of the giant rubber band...and, ummmm, NO...I most likely would hurt myself, badly, trying to walk on that ;)

    The green Lagoa is really neat. It reminds me of the fur from the Grinch.

  2. More than the pictures, I really really liked the narrative of going out and playing with it, experimenting...and Camillo's reactions. I just love your energy and willingness to try something new.

  3. This was an entertaining post. I enjoyed reading it!

  4. Ginger, I agree with all the comments made. This is an awesome and entertaining post, love the discussion between you and camillo and your energy and enthusiasm is wonderful. I really like the green lagoa, it is an awesome picture. I enjoyed reading how much fun you had experimenting with this assignment. Great post.

    Yes, I have been missing in action for awhile. The truth is I've been lazy, preoccupied and just stuck in a rut. Hopefully, I'll come out of this funk soon. Thank you for your thoughtful words in the comment section of my blog. I hope to make a come back soon. :)

  5. I wouldn't want to try walking on that giant rubber band unless I want to embarrass myself in public! lol

  6. I think you did well. My favourite is the header picture though!

  7. I agree with Dawn that the header picture is fantastic. I also thought the green picture was really interesting.

  8. Great group of motion shots- you captured it much better than I did,

  9. Amazing...what you can do with your camera!
    Thank you for visiting for your comment! It was important to me!

  10. Well, of all of us I think you came the closest to getting this. You have many good action shots here; I like the one of all of the walkers on the boardwalk because it seems so full of life.
    My daughter has one of those zipline things for walking: it's so hard! I tried it, and was terrible.

  11. I'm late in commenting and will be late in trying out the panning, too. Haven't been near any action for ages. Love how you got out there and gave it a go!