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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blogging ?

I have been reading through past posts and finding lots of spelling / word usage / punctuation errors.  I need an editor (a person not a program).  Yesterday I received a comment on a post I made last week and went back to read what I'd said and found a couple glaring errors.... so I pulled the post back onto Window's live writer - made corrections and re-posted.  I have done this before with no problem but this time a copy of the original post was put out of sequence and on yesterday's date.... another one of those 'flukes' that I don't understand.  If you read the original one, just ignore this duplication.

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  1. Copy errors? Ha! Don't worry about it. I make them all the time. Hey, I am not making a dime off my blog. If some English professor wants to volunteer to edit my copy, bring 'em on. Otherwise, shhhhhh. Just enjoy the photos.

    Having worked for a newspaper, as a photographer, I depended on copy editors. I even wrote features and slopped down my words knowing someone would fix them. With US newspapers In the tank, I see more and more errors by really good writers simply because so many of the copy editors have been fired. Used to be lots of eyes looked at stories and cut lines before going to press; that
    has been reduced to one set of tired eyes, or none at all.

    Hope you have been well. Drop me a line. And don't worry about those mestakes. :-)