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Friday, May 06, 2011


My mother, mother of seven, grandmother of.... Nineteen, Great-grandmother of..... around 30 and I do believe there is now a Great/great grandchild or two.
Mom will be 89 July 7.  She has days where she understands international politics, and days she forgets to shower and to clean her teeth..... She still takes them out of the cup every morning.....  that is a good thing.
Such a large family and I don’t know all the names of my great nephew and nieces, I have a partial list someplace.   On her good days, Mom remembers most of them.   She is better at remembering when each of us, the original 7, had their chickenpox and their immunizations. 
She always made our cloths.  She made quilts and afghans.  She read constantly, books and daily newspapers.  She worked the daily New York crossword, usually doing it in her head to give my father a chance to enter a few words.  Three years ago she could work half way through, now she doesn’t do them.
She has a friend from when she was 3 – they used to correspond when young adults, and later to talk every few months on the phone but now can remember the childhood days but don’t remember to call.   Norma is in a nursing home in Adrian and on a good day my sister takes Mom to visit – after about five minutes the conversation begins to repeat, and they no longer laugh at each other. 
My Mother.
DSC00061-1  and me.... DSC00091
DSC_4996  with Marissa......100_0748 great grand children
DSC_0410 Aunt Carol (younger sister) and Mom
DSC_5281  Momma and Me. (she hates to have her picture taken.......says she looks “OLD” )
In our minds we are always young.


  1. Oh what a precious, precious post, Ginger. I'm sorry that your mom is having more bad days now, but I love that last photo of you loving on her, and the love that is so evident in your words about her.

    Um abraco, far away friend. And Happy Mother's Day to you this weekend.

  2. I love this post. I feel like I know your mother and cheer her mightily!

  3. This is such a loving post! Excellent!

  4. This is a "makes me smile" post. I see there are strong family resemblances in your family as there are in mine. Love the last photo, the love is there for all to see! And your words reflect that love also.

  5. A great tribute to your mom and she does look good for her age. Happy mother day to you too.

  6. Very sweet. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother.

  7. Oh my these photos are beautiful, Ginger. And I agree she does look good. And I love your last photo together, it's beautiful! Thanks for the visit and Happy Mother's day!


  8. Here's a letter from the Queen, Congrats to your Momma.

  9. I love the first pic of you and your Mom Ginger. a very nice looking family!

  10. It trully struck me what mothers do, when I read your post here. Not me so much, but mothers in general are taken for granted. What a rich life your mother has lead. ANd I love that last picture of you two.

    Also, something about your comment about being a good enough mother (on my post last thursday) felt very freeing. Thank you dear friend!