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Monday, April 11, 2011

Just for fun...

I need to back track a couple of weeks to show you something.   While in Houston it wasn’t all work and no play.  By now you all know Camillo and I better than that.  We ate, and danced, and I drove a NEW CAR.

Camillo’s son (the oldest, lives in Houston) put on order and has received his new car: The Volt by Chevy .  What a sweet car.  Still to expensive for the average car buyer, coming in at over 40k, this car steps away from the ‘hybrids’ in style and concept.

Not arguing energy use, or workability, or usability – just look at the difference in body style  from the  Air-powered car conceived in India.  and the Volt


I am excited about the headway made in designing and completion of these cars, moving them into the market is a break through worthy of note.    Chevy needs to bring the price down on the Volt, but this is real progress in giving consumers a choice beyond the gas guzzlers / carbon belching cars in our past – one that looks good too.  Camillo wouldn’t buy one for me and bring it to Brasil.. Sad smile , I begged to no avail,  plus by the time we paid import tax and  shipping we would be nearing 90K in costs – Sorry we just can’t do it.  I look for info that this car will begin to be made in Brasil but nothing.  So I will have to wait.  but did get to test drive and get a first hand demo of its features..... The car has a heavy, solid feel, maneuvers well,...... I want one.....

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Anyone want to buy my 8 year old Audi?  only 60K KM with auto transmission.....


  1. It does look very smart Ginger.
    I'm sure if the price was lower, it would be a huge success.

  2. wow what a nice car ;-) good to be back here in your blog

  3. I think we should all be able to afford to drive hybrids. This looks like a good one.