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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Close to home–In honor of Lucia

I was browsing photo I found on line at RioGringa blog and found this photo.  The woman in the blue shirt is Lucia our maid.  I have spoken of her several times on the blog.  She has worked for Camillo over 20 years.  Taking pride in keeping us clean AND organized.
While still in Friburgo I was unable to walk to her home (when we heard that it was damaged) because of the slide on the road between her home and ours, this photo says all that needs to be said.   It is hard to tell but her house was almost attached to her daughter’s and both are gone.  Her home was across the road from a high peak, but sat more on the valley floor or at least relatively flat area.  We were told that she only lost part of the house when the house up on the hill came down on hers, but this looks like a complete loss to me.    I hope she will honor us by letting us help her get her home back together.
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  1. I am sorry to hear of this. I feel so out of the loop on news, but have heard of flooding around the world form our crazy weather.

    I look forward to you updating these posts.

    Peace and hugs to you...

  2. That picture certainly shows the devastation suffered by the people there. I hope they are all soon able to get their lives back.

  3. Ginger, this is such a heart break. This morning I saw "Novo Fribugo" on the tv screen and it suddenly dawned on me - Oh no, Ginger! I thought and came straight to my laptop to check on you. I'm so glad to read that you're safe. Take care.

  4. HI Ginger,
    I found your blog looking for news of Nova Friburgo. I lived in the area for 1 year as an exchange student and actually lived 3 months in Muri up on a mountain with a lovely family - around 1981 so a long time ago. I just can't recall their name but the father was from Bahia and they had 2 daughters - Deolinda and Marina maybe - and a son Frederick. Thank you for the coverage and beautiful photos. I will enjoy following your blog.