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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas in Brasil

DSC06354Canela e Catedral (10)
Canela e Catedral (7)DSC06385
If you have browsed through my blog entries, you might have found the one I wrote last Christmas when Camillo and I visited Gramado in Southern Brasil.
DSC06346For me that trip ranks very high on the list of places we have spent Christmas week.
This small town, south of Port Alegre, celebrates Christmas in a very big hearted way. Every street is strung with lights, every shop window is decorated to catch the eye. There is every version of handcrafted Santa that one can possibly imagine. The City Park outside of the city center hosts a Santa's workshop where you have opportunity to visit Santa's helpers' dormitory and Santa's house with his private stash of toys from Christmases past.
And the best, the very best is the Cathedral with its high steeple, brightly lit, and the hand carved Nativity. This is Christmas the way it should be celebrated. With the intent by their family to give pleasure, to be shared with your family.

Gramado (33)
Gramado (26)
Gramado (32)

Canela old car museum and the last day (16)
Canela e Catedral (36)Merry Christmas
Ginger and Camillo


  1. Hi Ginger!
    I've been here, you see?!
    I always enter your blog, even though this is my second comment on it. Be sure I love reading what you write and watching the beautiful photos you take.
    I was also unhappy with the fact that we were mad at each other, but as you said: let's go past it!:)
    I wish you and Camillo a
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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  3. Muito bom!!! Camillo falando com Papai Noel. rsrsrsrsrs