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Friday, March 14, 2008


Last month Camillo and I spent 3 days in New York City (see prior blogs - travel outside Brasil) and one of the Museums shows that we saw is featured in the March 17 TIME Magazine. I scanned the photo they used in the article to use as a comparison with mine. Cool huh! of course you can tell that the photo on the right is mine and the left is theirs. I don't know if this is the reason for this photo shot being used, but it was only allowed for the 'public' to take photos in the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum. I would have thought that a photographer from TIME could have taken his camera all the way through the show and that they would have feature the extraordinary 'mud men' sculptures - for me this was the best of the show. My photo was taken because I found the structure interesting not the art - cars with poles of flashing lights stuck through them did not do much for me. To tell the truth I didn't get it. It is not clear but possible the artist CAI GUO-QIANG planned the section of 'mud men' but it is not actually his work because the TIME says, "...Its a replica of more than 100 life-size clay statues that were originally crafted in Shanghai in 1965 as pure Maoist agitprop, ... In 1999 Cai had a team of artisans reproduce the ensemble...." The beauty of these statues and they struggle represented between good and evil, rich and poor, power and powerlessness I could understand. GingerV

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  1. Ginger...My daughter Jacqueline had some of her art exhibited at the Guggenheim many years back...her school took part in an arts enrichment program. Being only across the river from NYC has had some great advantages for my children. All the 4th graders are required to put on an Opera by the close of the school year. Each student has a role, whether it be as a stage hand, director, actor or artist...they are all involved, none being left out, recognizing that there is a talent in everyone.

    The dance class your daughter is in looks like fun...nice that you preserve the moments in pictures.

    Enjoying all your entries...and your photography is wonderful. Thanks again for your sharing.