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Friday, November 02, 2007

Waiting Part 2

Swallow Reddish-bellied Parakeet
while waiting for spring to arrive, spring the way I remembered from my childhood in Northern USA, I think spring Brazilian style arrived. Today I woke to the songs of what sounded like a thousand birds. Yesterday, Camillo caught a swallow sitting on the veranda. Our friends and neighbors the green parakeets are back. They try every year to get back into the house and sit and screech at us in frustration when they can't. Our mom and pop team (maybe wild pigeons) are still waiting for their chicks. She has been sitting the nest almost 3 weeks, he stays close by. I haven't seen it happen but he must be feeding her for she never leaves her post. Yes, sometime while my back was turned, spring arrived in subtle ways, now we wait for the rains to come.
Today was cloudy, and windy. Last night we had thunder and lightening, this morning there were clouds in the valley, a sure sign of an increase in humidity, but we have yet to have rain. I can hear thunder again, keep your fingers crossed.

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