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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Jequitiba-rose tree

                                                 The Forest is a mysterious and majestic place.  
On Sunday, Camillo and I drove from Friburgo down to Cachoeira de Macacu to take pictures of the (springtime) flowering trees and because he had something he needed to show me.   Just north of Cachoeira in the state of Rio de Janeiro's Parque Tres Picos, there is a tree - not just any tree, but a fine, very fine example of the Jequitiba-rosa tree.
After a very bone jarring ride up a dirt road, you can park in a grass covered 'parking lot' and take a short walk through old forest, to see this tree.   Everyone, especially those with children, should visit this tree at least once and if possible once a year, just like going home to Grandma. It will inspire instant love and respect for the forest. 40 meters (120+ ft.) tall, 19 meters (62.3 ft.) around and estimated to be 1000 years old, it brought tears to my eyes and a feeling of joy to my heart.

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  1. Meu Jesus!! What a tree! 120 meters high and a thousand years old. Imagine what the forest was like before man started cutting it down only a few generations ago. Thanks for sharing this moment.