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Sunday, July 15, 2007

... thoughts from the hammock...

All the guest for this weekend's Churrasco have gone home.  And today Camillo left with them for a quick trip to Bahia (Salvador).  Normally, when the house is once again quiet, Camillo will retire to the hammock for thought, reflection and his Sunday afternoon nap.  Today I thought I should try it for a change, seize the moment, take the opportunity to see for myself just what draws him to this time of idleness and reflection. Blue sky, filtered sun, the hammock swaying in the soft breeze ... birds singing ... an occasional dive bomb from the humming birds (which I never see, just can hear their buzz saw sound) ... and I was asleep.
This weekend was so nice. Rosemary and the Comandante came up on Friday night for a promised homemade Caldo Verde.  He was right at home in my kitchen and did a very good job of feeding us this wholesome soup.
On Saturday afternoon, starting at around one, friends began arriving. They ate and drank, laughed and talked, made fun of each other with great affection, drank (more!) wines from Camillo's secret stash and ATE EVEN MORE cheese and sweets, and drank a little coffee before with much hugging and kissing, all left for their respective pousadas to make a full recovery before, in most cases, driving back to RIO today. 
What a great weekend.  The Saturday afternoon Churrasco is the greatest cultural tradition of the Brasilians. Like in all cultures - good food and a gathering of GREAT friends leaves you rested and restored. If a whole weekend isn't possible string a hammock between two trees and take a nap in the open air.    Kisses All, GingerV

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  1. Ginger, keep publishing about Friburgo. I spoke to one of your blog admirers (a lurker) and he told me he especially loved your Friburgo stories.