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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Food and Drink in Houston

Just about every Friday my daughter Patty and I meet for lunch.  Just about every Friday we start the day planning to meet at Sweet Tomatoes, my favorite super salad place.  Just about every Friday right around 11:00, about the time we are both starting to think about lunch, the texts start…. Patty, “Salad?”   Me,  “Is that what you want?”    Patty, “???”   Me, “what then?”   Patty, “GRINGOS?”  Or this can be reversed depending on who started the break from eating a healthy salad for lunch that week.

Gringos (4)The USA, Houston not being an exception, is made up with streets of fast food.  Every neighborhood, town, country road, has its typical fast food places.  Patty knows that I wont break from the salad bar for just any fast food place; UCK!  But Gringos, I have a week spot for their nachos, tortilla soup and especially for their green sauce.  Yes she know how to get me to break my good eating habits almost every Friday. 

Yes I have a weakness for Mexican or TEX-MEX as it is call in Texas.  There is Mexican fast food – Taco Bell for example – and there is good Tex-Mex like Gringos.  The building was built just for them.  It has a Spanish hacienda look and feel.  There is a patio seating area that we use in the 3 or four months a year when it is not too cold or too hot to sit out….. can’t think of any other reasons that I like the place, the green sauce speaks for itself…. I tried to get the recipe for you all…. couldn’t find it online and nothing substitutes for it.  So maybe someday when you get to Houston…..

Gringos (5)From the Gringo’s Facebook page …..”Gringo's Mexican Kitchen Unfortunately we can't release the exact recipe for our green sauce but I can provide you with the ingredients so you can take a stab at it! Avocados, sour cream, tomatillos, serrano peppers, jalapenos, salt, garlic powder, cilantro & water”



Here are a few pictures so you see the atmosphere I enjoy so much.  (And Yes they Have good Margs)

Gringos (2)  Gringos (3)  Gringos (13) 

Gringos (10)  Gringos (8)  Gringos (14)

Gringos (1)


  1. That doesn't look like a fast food place, not like any I've seen anyway. Looks lovely and sounds great. Particularly like the last image.

  2. It looks exotic and I doubt my first guess would have been Houston!

  3. Wow, that looks like fine dining to me! Good food, too, huh? Great combination. You mentioned Sweet Tomatoes which is owned by the same company as my favourite salad bar, Souplantation. In fact, they may be the same restaurant with different names.

  4. What a beautiful ambiance. Doesn't look like a fast food place at all.

  5. I love Mexican food too. We have several in town. When I was working we walked to El Camino every day for lunch. Always looking for a great Margarita. LOL Visited Margarittaville in Jamaica a few years ago.