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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Road Trip Choices…

This week I have chosen to post to the FSO late.  Yesterday I was not in any of my hometowns.  Patty and I were driving back from Michigan.  Returning to Houston, meandering; weeble-wobbling to the southwest, choosing our route as we drove; letting GPS and highway signs take us ever further south and then west. In Kentucky,we saw a sign for a railroad museum.  I said ‘what fun’ and Patty swerved off the freeway.  At the bottom of the ramp there was a sign Bardstown to the left and the Kentucky Railway Museum to the right.  I said, lets go right to the museum and then come back this direction and see BARDTOWN before getting back onto the freeway - because I know someone from FSO that lives in this area. 
DSCN0964The Railway Museum has a large sign on the freeway, has a smaller brown sign when you leave the freeway, then the directions just disappear,  ?? we drove around for about an hour and never found the museum.  Found more signs that a railroad had been there, but never found a museum.  It wasn’t listed on my GPS under POI – nothing.  So back to the left we went and saw Bardstown.
What fun to visit someone’s else's hometown…. we should do an ‘other’s hometown’ visited week.
Bardstown is a sweet small town.  Lots of choices in places to eat and little shops to visit – BUT it was Wednesday the 3rd, and seemed to be closed down for the week.  We thought, ‘oh, the easy life of the South’.    DSCN0982DSCN0979 DSCN0976
DSCN1042When driving across Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, then into Texas, you have many, THAT IS A LOT of choices of things to see.  After Bardstown, the main points for us were the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky, the rest stops in Kentucky and Alabama (Great Bathrooms?) And seeing the 4th of July fireworks over the Mississippi  River in Natchez, Mississippi.     And the best – getting home after rush hour on Friday. DSCN1251


  1. Wow, what a great road trip, Ginger. When we lived In Alabama & drove to Wisconsin to visit parents we passed that Corvette museum, and I wondered about it every time! Now I wish we had stopped.

    Neat shot of fire works over the Mississippi.

  2. I took my students to our museum and a green house, my choice, greenhouse any time.

    I still knit sometimes, baby blankets for the sick premature babies. Most of the time, I have been captured by the computer virus. (not my choice, my excuse)

    You are right about knitting, as a stressing remover, as u knit, you watch it grow. Very satisfying.

  3. I felt quite excited thinking of you driving through Peggy's town. I quite like your idea of another's home town as a topic, I've been to Ann's town but she hasn't been to mine so it may be difficult for some. I really love that last shot!

    1. Could be 'a hometown' like my home town is Adrian but live in Houston. Or visiting Great Gramma's. lots of angles.

  4. You must have a very lovely time driving around your native country,Ginger!I'm envious here...

  5. What an awesome capture of the fireworks......also nice road trip ;-) we just recently moved to Florida and drove from Washington state to Florida and just like you it's worth to drive and to see a lot of places at the same time

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