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Sunday, January 20, 2013

fitting the pieces -

DSC_0841Have you ever worked a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces are of one color, all the pieces seem the same shape?   You pick up a piece turn it this way and that, try it here and try it there and if lucky you find just the right place for it; then you pick up another piece.  I feel compelled to try and fit all the pieces together, preserving what has always fit together at the same time as finding all the new pieces.  This week I will jump back in, participating in the Friday Shoot Out – forcing myself really,DSC_0871 but getting frozen in the ‘afraid to move’ mode is not an option. 
Frozen in Time, didn’t we do a similar topic recently?  Oh yes, in April of 2012, it wasn’t that recent – time doesn’t stand still does it?  Looking for motivation I went over to the Friday My Town Shoot-Out blog and looked through some of your photos.  You all are so good that I feel intimidated and try to not be influenced by that, just turn the piece in my hand this way and that looking for a fit.  DSC_1255
My town having now moved to Houston requires that I show photos of something (anything!) in Houston representing frozen in time.  Fossils, minerals, timeless beauty; they all sound like a walk through the Museum of Natural Science or an early morning walk around a local park, maybe the classic beauty of a friend. 

A beauty that will not fade as she continues to age.  Older than I am, a friend posed so I could experiment with portrait.  Her mother in her mid 80s has the same classic features, timeless.