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Sunday, May 13, 2012

For Mom, a trip through the orchid farm

SAM_0904Today is Mother’s day, in Brasil as well as the USA.  I will call Mom later today and wish her another good year.  This year in July we, my 7 brothers and sisters and some of their families, will meet in Adrian for Mom’s 90th birthday.  How wonderful is that?  We were all together the last time for her 75th – 15 years.  The changes will be a shock won’t they?  SAM_0801
I didn’t send flowers, which she would have liked, nor chocolates which she would have loved.  When I visit Adrian I like to take a box of Brazilian Goratos – she puts a few in her bowl by the chair, easy reach away, then rather craftily takes the rest of the box back to her room – and they disappear!  Yes this is hard on her digestion but the look of contentment on her face is irresistible.  Having failed two weeks ago to remember Mother’s day was coming and make early arrangements for her flowers or chocolates to be delivered I thought this morning that she might enjoy a walk through the Teresopolis Orchid farm by photo.
The Orchid Farm is not really a farm, but three large greenhouses and a sales/display office.  The grounds have a few interesting tropical plants and a path lined with trees with orchids up among the branches.  The greenhouses were closed to the public but the sales office had a nice selection of starter orchids and well developed ones.  By walking the trail around the grounds, through the displays and buying the orchid in the header and to the left, we spent a very pleasant hour on a Saturday morning.
Mom, I hope you enjoy the flowers I’ve sent.
SAM_0748 SAM_0749
SAM_0750 SAM_0757
SAM_0759 SAM_0762
SAM_0767 SAM_0768
SAM_0763     SAM_0802
Happy Mother’s Day!  


  1. Hey there! Fantastic shots of the orchids. Making comments on Blogspot isn't easy as the Facebook route. I find myself posting on both and I never expect comments on the blog. FB, yes because it's so easy for everyone. Trends. Cheers.

  2. Incredibly beautiful orchids! I wish I were there to enjoy them in person.

  3. you took me home to when I was mum's child.

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