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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter in Brasil

001I think that Brasilians like Easter almost as much as Carnival.  First they have another – that’s ANOTHER – 4 day weekend.  Everyone I know is going somewhere and I can only hope that they will all be safe.  Yesterday downtown Friburgo was CRAZY with people shopping.  I can understand this kind of shopping at Christmas.  they all, after all, receive an extra paycheck in December.  Yesterday the lines in the grocery stores where 20 long, everyone with full baskets OR TWO.   Camillo and I turned around and left, there isn’t anything I need so badly that I will wait in line for an hour.  Everything we needed could be bought at one of the little markets and with less hassle.  It is the weirdest thing to me, the stores hang chocolate eggs from the ceiling.  I am a little taller than the average Brasilian and this stuff hanging from the ceiling gives me a feeling of claustrophobia.  Look closely at the photo..... the prices of the hollow chocolate (waxy) eggs are out of this world.   I was told yesterday that R%75.00 wasn’t bad,  “because there were actually 3 eggs inside”  I was not rude and laugh in her face – but I have to work 4 hours for R$75.00 and some people have to work the whole week.....and R$75.00 was totally unrealistic.

Today Kurt and Kybran bring the girls and another couple with a young girl up for the weekend.  I will bake Salmon on Friday and on Saturday we will make a churrasco.  On Saturday we will have an Easter egg hunt (if it isn’t raining) out in the garden.  They have to leave early on Sunday, so the Easter candy hunt will happen on Saturday.

Easter color in the store windows.


The garden centers are full of orchids.   I  LET  Camillo buy me a geranium that had an unusual flower.  Beautiful.  And the Christmas cactus in in bloom.  Have a great and a SAFE Easter weekend.



  1. I don't like turkey all that much and hate ham. I would love to have salmon on one of these holidays! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. We have the same overpriced Easter madness here in the shops. And crowds of people.

  3. Yes, the easter eggs are pricey. Evidence by the fact you can pay for them "em vezes" most times. We bought "small" ones at R$20 or so each. Goodness.

    Love the photo, though; I've not been brave enough to take the camera to the grocery and photograph that. It is something else, and yes, I get claustrophobic under them too. It's darker under there!

    Beautiful flowers, and enjoy your company! Be safe (we are staying home also and having a churassco as well).

  4. So true Ginger, Christmas and Easter so commercial. I did not do regular post for Triduum But will do new plants and leaves later this week. Such beautiful county in Brasil. I love your photos.