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Monday, March 21, 2011

Travel and other things....

DSC00541Tomorrow Camillo and I go to Houston for 10 days – together.   I can’t remember the last time we were there at the same time.  There are only a few hundred things on Camillo’s list to get done.  And he, not me, has a shopping list long enough to fill a couple suitcases.  I have two things I want to do, have lunch with the girls I used to work with downtown, and spend some hours with Marissa and Patty. 

I need to find a new point & shoot.  I bought the one I have now  less than a year ago, and its touch screen has stopped working.  I won’t make that mistake again.  The whole purpose of having a point-n-shoot is that I can carry it in a pocket or in my purse and pull it out when-Ever!.  What is the point if I have to carry it inside a padded, zippered case – by the time I have it out and ready – what-Ever has already come and gone. 

I wonder about everyone with a cell phone/iPad/blackberry, etc. with a touch screen, especially teenagers – is everyone having to send in for repair or replace their gadgets every 6 – 8 months.  They (no matter the brand) should come with a thin, handy little slide door to protect the touch pad .  Think anyone is listening?

So, okay, add to my list shopping for a new point & shoot.  - so three things I need to do.  That is how the list grows.    Okay add another – I am going to look for fabric to have formal table cloths made for Camillo’s birthday dinner in June.  Better quit now or my list will have 5 items on it....

It is spring in Houston so I am going to try and catch some walks in parks and neighborhoods – should be really close to azalea time.  Maybe I will get some nifty photos for the blog. 

Hugs from Brasil.


  1. I find my touch phone handy for taking pics when I'm out with the kids. Like you said, the good camera is such a hassle when you want to grab something quick. Have a great time in Houston!

  2. Hi Ginger! I have 4th generation iPod touch and initially bought a soft case with a fold over cover (closes with Velcro). Overtime I found the case wasn't fitting as snugly and that presented two problems: 1. I was afraid the iPod would slide out and fall 2. When I was taking photos with it the iPod would slide around and often I'd get the shadow of the case partially covering the lens. So I've moved to a hard shell case with a nice, almost rubberized surface which is easy to grip. I also have one of the peel and grip screen protectors on it.

    I have a Canon SX100 but hope to move to an even smalled Canon later this year. Small is good!

    Have a great trip. Elaine (A Scattering)

  3. Have a safe and wonderful trip, Ginger. Another blogging pal who lives in Texas, told me there are lots of blue bonnet flowers out. That was a few days ago.
    Elaine and I up here in Canada are still waiting for the winter snow to go away. It really is time for spring!!!
    Have fun shopping and enjoy your lunch with your old work buddies. =D