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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thoughts from the Veranda

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As the sun comes up – with a new day starting – with my first cup of coffee sitting on the sunny veranda I think;

I don’t know if it is a personality trait of mine or a human trait for all mankind but change is always a problem.  We beg and plead, moan and groan; life is passing us by, life is so ho-hum boring, we need some excitement – we need help! we need CHANGE. 

Then change happens.  Whether it is a new job, a new boss, a new computer system or heaven forbid a new phone system, a new and excited co-worker who has new ideas for change…  a new husband, a new house, a new school – a new and different anything, anything simple or as different as a new time schedule for the bus, we moan and groan, beg and plead – please why can’t life stay the same – why is my day all messed up, WHY?, why?, why?   I used to be able to…. In the USA they…. These word are our buffer against change and they hamper our adjustment to change.

All of sudden I have a time consuming job, I have something to think about and analyze, I have help and a team to work with.  I have CHANGE.  My head hurts with the change.  I was angry that life was passing me by and now that I have almost adjusted to that change, a new one comes along to challenge me And I am Angry….. Am I just an angry person?  Can I not be content with the change that I ask for?  Does the change need to be on my time frame, exactly in the form that I requested in order to be good change?

I know – I know My thoughts from the veranda always end up being questions – does contentment come with the answers – the change - or with the ability to ask the questions? 


  1. It is perturbing, even annoying, for things to change when we're not wanting that particular change. Change can also be good, refreshing, head-clearing, exciting. If you're really angry, though, maybe there's more to that. Maybe the mist will clear from the valley and show you.

  2. I always panic when something changes. Then I figure out how to deal with it. You would think that with my life I would be used to change, but I don't think I will ever be.

    I get angry over certain changes, too.

  3. Ginger, I had to laugh out loud with your post! I so get it. I have absolutely no answer, but it's comforting to know I'm not the only one with those feelings. :)
    Does it have to do with not doing what you "really" want to do? Maybe you don't know what that "really" is yet, but this wasn't it? Does it have to do with the responsibility of your new change? Just throwing stuff out here for pondering...
    Anyway, here's a big hug!

  4. NanU - I think that this anger is about a sense of no control. too many changes is a short amount of time.... I went and bought bus tickets to Rio for today. (stressful for me to do but I did it.) then Camillo changes the plan... If I go on these tickets I will spend 2 days in Rio alone - do I want to be in Rio alone or here alone.... good question.
    so I am mad.... I went back today and said por favor prasisso tracar para aminha.... got new tickets... wasn't so bad was it?

  5. Shabby girl - yes we all do it - resist change even when good for us. the new work challenges - I think this problem is about fear of failure more than about control. but am just guessing...:)

  6. LOL, this came the day after my birthday- something I wish would not change, my age, but hey I am trying to go with the flow; it is hard at times, because I fight it. You are right its fear of failure, and not being in control...so true girl!