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Monday, June 28, 2010

a moment of beauty – The secret world

DSC00435    We woke again this morning to fog and drizzle but by the time we’d had breakfast and were ready for our ‘coffee and chat’ the sun was coming out – the fog rising.    We sat down in my ‘space’ with the double doors open and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.
     Watching the fog rise above the tree tops, dissipating in thin wisps into the clear blue sky.  I felt a moment of confusion.  My eye caught site of a wisp at the top of the pine tree that wasn’t moving….?  Caught at the top of the tree, drenched in mist and shining with the sun behind was a perfect, pinwheel shaped spider web. 
I moved for my camera and stepped outside, trying to get a photo through the glare of the sun.   Then saw another and another.   Casas das Aranhas (house of the spiders).  What a great way to start this day.  A whole world we normally don’t see – just one moment in time and we can get a glimpse of what is there at all times in the secret world around us. 
DSC_4503 DSC_4504


  1. A serendipitous moment! How special is that!!! :)

  2. Spiders webs look so magical covered like that; but the first picture, of the mist and mountains.....wow!