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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plans -

I don’t know when I will be online again.   Camillo and I will travel to Buenos Aires on the 27th and return the 31st.  (free tickets from his son – whoopee!)    I will try though to do the Friday Shoot out before leaving.
DSC06347This is not my first visit to BA but the 3rd.  My first trip (ever) outside of the USA was to Argentina.  I have very clear memories of that week in 1992;  lost suitcases, tango in the square, wonderful food.  That trip I traveled alone, Camillo already there on business, and I was astounded that in the airport in Miami, at the Aerolineas Argentinas ticket counter, they had to go in the back for a supervisor that spoke English to answer my questions.  Then going down into the gate area – 100s of people all speaking another language, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese – loudly. (Babylon)  My anxiety at trying to understand the seat numbers being called in Spanish.  
And now we will go back again so that Camillo can eat in his favorite restaurants, have coffee in his favorite bars, and I to watch Tango to my hearts content. 
This time we have scheduled a few museums and by the look of the extended weather forecasts, will spend more time indoors in museums than outside walking the streets that are so reminiscent of the Paris streets. 
We will still love every minute of it.   Again!




  1. You guys look great in the header. Have an excellent vacation, and don't let the FSO rule your life too much!
    Bonnes vacances!

  2. NanU thanks for the well wishes and not to worry, FSO fills some time but does not rule anything...

  3. Sounds like a fun trip. Can't wait to read your Blog post on your return!

  4. Have a lovely time, Ginger! Can't wait for the photos from this trip. Of those you posted here from before, I love the close up you got of the tango dancers' faces. Really captures the sensuality of the dance!

  5. Love your tango dancers. I think I could watch them all night. And the little boy with the accordian is beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful time!