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Saturday, April 03, 2010

the circus is coming to town!

Last week I did several post on the very impressive Ringling Museum complex in Sarasota Florida – I thought there needs to be one last note about Sarasota before I take you back to Houston. One of the buildings in the Ringling Museum complex as a small warehouse housing Circus memorabilia. I found most of it moderately interesting. My mother was enthralled – is this the difference in generations and the part the ‘circus coming to town’ played in family fun in the first half of the 20th century?
Just a few photos for you to enjoy …..





  1. I'm not a circus fan, but there's no denying how colourful it all is.
    Especially those clowns costumes.

  2. I join Holdingmoments in saying I am not a fan of the circus. In fact, I have not been to one since I saw an elephant being beat at a B&B circus in Georgia in the seventies.I wasn't supposed to be where I was when it was happening.

    I am a fan of the rich history of the circus-the good part people still enjoy. I also agree that one can not deny that the colors and lights of the circus still have the power to mesmerize and take people back to a more simpler time.

    You captured the good part of the circus beautifully, Ginger V.

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  3. I love circus when I was young. I laughed at the little person. Now, I have changed my mind, too many things on TV to watch. Your photos are very colourful

  4. Such colourful images her, wonderful and yet somehow strange.

    These pictures seem bitter sweet, despite their colour, especially those of the clowns.