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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

STUCK in the airport -

Our itinerary went like this – leave the apartment in Rio at 4 pm on Saturday the 19th, arrive Paris CDG at 8:15 am on the 20th, catch the flight to Rome at 9:45, arrive Rome 11:30 am,  be at Mirella’s apartment in time for a lunch before taking a shower and a nap.   Dinner Party with special guests 8:00 PM.

The Reality. At 3:45 (7:45 pm Paris time) on the 19th received notice from Air France via email that flight to Rome was canceled. At airport received new flight information –
will arrive in Rome a little more than an hour later that anticipated. Still a good plan.
Left Rio Happy!

Arrived at CDG at the anticipated time…
No sleep during flight – turbulence, very small chair, chair does not go back but one notch.


On arrival - New flight to Rome canceled…. Earliest available seat 5:10 pm. (only 9 hour delay) but will also miss dinner party planned to celebrate our visit – disaster for Mirella  –  lots of food prepared in advance.
Free voucher given by AF for lunch ‘anyplace’ we want to eat…. Had a bad sandwich at 2 pm.   Moved from section to section  – as crowds swelled, more flight cancelations – prospective passengers orderly, patient, quiet…. Hungry - lousy food available in terminal 2F of CDG.   Bathrooms clean, coffee and pastries very good.    Could have used some solid food though - feel kind of woozy from Caffeine and sugar snacks all day.
At 5:10 scheduled depart time – no plane had arrived, a lot of restless movement – some polite grumbling – can’t get a hold of Mirella (she was already going to the airport to pick us up) Plane arrived, is cleaned, fueled, Loaded with very tired, hungry passengers at 8:45 pm --- a brief wait on the runway, arrived Rome 11:00pm  (can you say Zombies) – wait for luggage – carousel goes around and around. Only my bag arrives, Camillo goes to stand in line – he is 20th in line….. I sit out front with Mirella.  Camillo comes out with a promise of luggage within 3 days…. It is now nearly 3 am….

We head for the apartment in Rome – only takes 25 minutes no traffic on the road.  I am pretty sure our 10 hour trip took 28 hours. The luggage arrives, we leave the next morning to return to our holiday in Paris….. The carousel goes round and round…. What are the odds….????  
Camillo’s luggage did not arrive – after a long wait in line it is promised for tomorrow!
New shirts and underwear purchased in Rome in the luggage, heavy coat in the luggage….
Bought him a new sweater- wrapped my purple silk neck scarf around his neck;  put my red NY cap on his head. We went to dinner – wine was excellent.
Tomorrow is a new day


  1. Dear Ginger,

    Sorry to hear about all the hickups on your trip.
    I haven't checked any luggage in a few years now, learned my lesson the hard way.
    Learned to travel super light, only with whatever I can carry in a small suitcase in the plane and a suit carrier.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip.



  2. Wow, a pretty busy day! Now I hope you have fun in Rome. And bring us some good stuff, like pictures! :)

    Much Love,

  3. Oh, I am sorry it was such a disaster. What a horrid day, and to lose out on that already short bit of time with Mirella....sending you ((abracos))) sweetie.

    Travel tip before you board another plane (I hope): put half of your clothing, half of Camillo's clothing into each suitcase - if one is lost, you both will have some clothes.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas anyway!